The Splexians

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The Uvians

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The Hirocans

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The Black Eye Galaxy millions of light years away from the Milky Way had been in perfect harmony until a group of extremely dangerous criminals assembled to become the scourge of the metaverse known as the STELLAR SYNDICATE.

Made up of the worst species in the galaxy, they wreaked havoc all through the galaxy until the Galactic Liberation Force (GLF) was created and given the charge to apprehend them.

After 9 millienia of hunting down the Stellar Syndicate, the GLF has almost completely purged the galaxy of these bandits and placed a STELLAR BOUNTY on the members of the syndicate that are still left roaming the metaverse.

The currently dire situation made the last three remaining species of the Stellar Syndicate - Splexians, The Uvians and The Hirocans, flee into our metaverse.

The metaverse is now in danger of facing annihilation at the hands of the STELLAR SYNDICATE. These rogue criminals need to be apprehended and the bounty on their heads claimed.

All Stellar syndicate captors are called THE PROTECTORS...


The StellarSyndicate comprises of three species; Splexians, Hirocans and Uvians. Each with their own distinct anatomy and traits.

Each StellarSyndicate NFT is unique and algorithmically generated from possible traits ranging from expressions, eyepieces, weapons, headwears, clothings, and more.

All StellarSyndicate NFTs are permanently stored on the Solana blockchain.

The Rarity of each NFT depends on the combination of these traits.

Mint price will be announced soon.



  • Establishment of the StellarSyndicate community with creation of our discord, twitter and other social media platforms as well as the launch of our website.
  • Distribution of Whitelist spots to members of our community through our discord channel and twitter account. Those who possess WL spots will be able to mint a Splexian specie for free when minting is live.
  • Minting of the Splexian specie of the StellarsyndicateNFTs and Listing on secondary marketplaces on the Solana blockchain. At sellout, 15% of funds will be made available to fund community-focused initiatives.
  • Creation and launch of $LIBA token part of which will be distributed to the holders of our NFT collection through periodic wallet snapshots. The rest will be earned as passive income through our staking program.
  • Our gateway for Custom NFTs application will be activated to members of our community and active holders of the Splexian specie. These custom NFTs will be of extreme rarity in the Hirocan specie.
  • Minting and listing of the Hirocan specie of the StellarSyndicateNFTs.
  • Minting and listing of the Uvian specie of the StellarSyndicateNFTs.
  • Launch of the signature Stellarsyndicate Merch.
  • Activation of StellarSyndicateNFTs Staking program. Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn more $LIBA token.


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